Introducing Hawksight, a simple yet powerful investment analysis platform for data driven investors

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1. Measuring Active Users

For our purposes, we’ll define a user as an address with a non-zero balance (whether staked or not)…

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Use fastquant to easily optimize your trading strategy’s parameters automatically!

The goal of backtesting is to know which areas in the space lead to better outcomes

However, this can easily start getting tedious as you would have to run hundreds or even thousands of parameter combinations manually.

To solve this problem, we can use fastquant to implement a technique called “grid search”, which basically allows…

Introducing fastquant, a simple backtesting framework for data driven investors

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Introducing fastquant, a tool for easy access and analysis of Philippine stock data

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Yes, and he’s almost as funny as me!

A robot laughing at a friend’s joke (Pinterest)

I started when I was in college and still continue up to this day!

The theory of ML is hard, the application is even harder!

A basic python workflow for predicting the stock price of the Philippine company, Jollibee Food Corp (JFC)

Lorenzo Ampil

Co-Founder & CTO @ | Creator of the fastquant python package | AI Products for Finance with #ML, and #NLProc

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